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With have a combind knolage of over 120 years there is very little that we can not eather repair , make or modify on your bike for every customer's needs for you to have a better experience on your bike.

General Service
Gear and brake adjust, and a safety check of all the nuts and bolts. Recommended once a year, this also includes a quick clean of the bike, and a relube of the transmission. Parts are not included.

From £48

Wheel Truing
If it still rotates in your frame, we can probably true it! Truing, and also rebuilds available. Spokes start at £1 each.

From £17

Brake Bleed
 Any and all brakes bled. Road hydraulic, MTB, or anything in between. We have most major bleed kits, and if we don't we can order it in to get you rolling again!

From £30

Bottom Bracket Replace
Bottom brackets replaced like from like or upgraded to better quality ones to suit all needs. We can re face frames and re'tap threads.

From £29

Headset Service

We service all types of headsets from traditional threaded to the latest sealed bearings. Keeping most of the different types on the shelf.

From £29

Puncture Repair

We only fit new tubes and stock all cycle sizes. We also stock most pushchair and wheelchair sizes. Fitting charges are from and tubes may very in price.

From £11 Plus tube

Gear Adjustments

We can service and adjust all gear systems from Sturmey Archer, sti shifters and all electronic Shimano Di2, Sram wifi.

From £17 each

Brake Adjustments

We can service all sorts of brakes from hub brakes, V brakes, Duel pivots, cantilevers and  (disc brakes priced above) Standard brakes from. 

From £16 each

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